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Trevor Biggs and Alex Biggs are the contacts for all matters concerning the Fantasy League on 07956 017882

No Fantasy League in the Summer 2021 season. It will recommence in the Winter 2021-22 season..

Fantasy SLKPA League Rules:
Pick 6 players, $400 budget.
Think of a team name.
Nominate a captian and vice captain.
Cash entry of £10 to Trevor Biggs.
Deadline: TBA.
Season starts: TBA.
Unlimited transfers available on week 3, 7, & 11.
Prize: £10 winner, £5 runner up EVERY WEEK.
Tie breaker system uses a nominated captain and vice captain.
Along with prizes for overall season winner, runner up etc dependant on the number of entrants.
All prize money will be paid after season has finished.
A small donation from the kitty to the League's chosen charity (Demelza), will be made at the seasons end.

Past winning team managers of the fantasy league:
1st Trevor Biggs, Bellmores Misfits won £75
2nd Jamie White, No Gamble No Future won £45
3rd Alex Biggs $ Easy Money $ won £30
4th Danny Kent Load of BLLOCKS won £15
1st Alex Biggs, Pot Six & Chill won £30
2nd Paul Gafa', The Fudge Packers won £20
3rd Jason Brunton, The Bruntonater won £10
Trial stage.
6/12/18 - 21/2/19 1st - Paul Gafa' 122 pts.
1/11/18 - 29/11/18 1st - Rahat Munim 75pts.
11/10/18 - 25/10/18 1st - Rahat Munim 67 pts.