for "World Rules" across the counties


The League has it's own YouTube channel, known simply as SLKPA.
A library of videos will be built up and stored on the YouTube channel.
These videos will be events that have been streamed live and can be watched back by clicking on the links or going onto the YouTube chanel itself and selecting which video you wish to see.
You can even subscribe to the channel if you wish to be notified when a new video is posted.
For those with a "smart TV" these videos can be seen through your own TV screen.

To see the SLKPA YouTube Channel click on the link below.
You Tube

Adverts are shown at events at suitable times to benefit the partnership that exists between the League and it's sponsors.
If you would like to advertise on SLKPA TV, please contact the League.

To see the video click on the link which is the players or teams' name in the Match column.
Event Round  Match Date
2019-20 Singles KO  Final Jordan O'Connor vs Shane O'Reilly 03.09.2020
2019-20 Premier Division/1st Division  Play Off Rose Inn vs New Eltham New Stars 12.03.2020
2019-20 Lower Division Singles KO Final Alex Biggs vs Paul Gafa' 23.02.2020
2019-20 Mixed Pairs KO Final Michael Barnes & Kerry Wyatt vs Shane O'Reilly & Angie Hobbs  16.02.2020
2019-20 Ladies Singles KO Final Melissa Barnes vs Angie Hobbs 16.02.2020
2020 Ladies Singles League League Match Angie Hobbs vs Jade Holmes 10.02.2020