<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> Silver Salver


for "World Rules" across the counties


A new team knock out competition will be launched this coming winter season.
Essentailly it is a "plate event" for the 1st and 2nd round losers of the Founders Cup.
The rationale is to provide more pool for some of the teams that regularly exit the Founders Cup in the early rounds and thus creates voids in the fixture schedule.
Up for grabs will be a new trophy in the form of a silver salver, hence the name. No prize money at present will be awarded.
All the 1st round Founders Cup losers will enter the 1st round of the Silver Salver and compete at the same time as the Founders Cup 2nd round. The Founders Cup 2nd round losers will join the winners of Silver Salver 1st round and these teams will play out to an eventual winner. The dates will run in tandem with the Founders Cup, however the 2nd round of the Silver salver will take place on a nominated Monday evening. This is to re-align both the Founders Cup and Silver Salva to the same Quarter Final stage later in the competition.

A flow chart to explain how the Silver Salver will operate and how it dovetails in with the Founders Cup.