for "World Rules" across the counties


Steve and Alan Reed have the painstaking job of going through all the result sheets and recording each player's performance individually, which is no mean feat.
So to make this project work accurately it is vital that result sheets are filled in correctly and submitted on time. Without these the rankings will become distorted. So captains/secretaries please ensure you maintain good team administration.

Please note it may take up to 2-3 weeks after result sheets are submitted for the rankings to be updated due to the enormous amount of work it takes to process all the result sheets.

Trophys are awarded to the top ranked player at the season's end in each division/tier.
The top 16 ranked players in the top division + top ranked player in Divisions 1 & 2 of the winter season only will be invited into the SLKPA Masters competition, making 18 entrants in total.

Rankings will be displayed without the players statistics until the season's end.

There will be no rankings in the Summer 2021 season due to it being a shortened season.
Rankings will return in the Winter 2021-22 season

Premier Division

Division One

Division Two

Any player not shown is because their ranking points total is zero or lower.
Some teams may not have submitted their result sheets therefore some rankings may not be accurate. If you believe your ranking to be incorrect, contact your team secretary first, to ensure he has submitted all the result sheets, before contacting Steve or Alan Reed.

Steve Reed 07958 654023 & stevenareed@sky.com
Alan Reed 07973 769464 & alantreed@sky.com

The point system is explained below.
Only players with a positive point score are ranked and all the divisions/tiers have been seperated to reflect an accurate ranking.
3 points are awarded for a frame win with 1 point deducted for a loss per match.
3-0 = 9 pts
2-0 = 6pts
2-1 = 5pts
1-0 = 3pts
1-1 = 2pts
1-2 = 1 pt
0-1 = -1pt
0-2 = -2pts
0-3 = -3pts

Any points gained or lost against teams that have their records expunged have been removed from the rankings.
Any players that leave their original team due to the team resigning mid season and/or then sign for another, will have their points gained or lost for their original team removed.
When a complete team fails to show for a match, the non offending team should submit up to 6 names on a result sheet (signatures etc aren't neccesary) and hand in as normal. These named players will receive 6 points each towards their points total.
Where two divisions have unequal amount of teams, there will be an imbalance in the possible ranking points that a player in a short team division can gain, as they won't play as many matches.Therefore to address this problem teams in a short division will be invited to name 6 players to have 6 points added to their total for each match not played.