for "International Rules" across the counties


Fo all bank transfers contact the League for details, and notify the League you are have completed the transaction via text/email etc.

Posted 22/06/18 Shark racks are not to be used for racking the balls in any competitive SLKPA match. The reason for this is that balls may have to be removed from the playing surface after the break and the League would like to avoid this procedure. In future this ruling may be lifted.
Posted 04/06/14 No minors (U18's) should attempt to enter Eltham Terrace Club. The League have no jurisdiction over this. It is a mandatory requiremnt according to the licence agreement held by Eltham Terrace Club. If juniors are reported to be playing competitive SLKPA matches then both the team and the individual may be penalised under SLKPA rule 5.2.
Posted 14/10/13 To aid venues and teams to assemble or improve the squad of pool players, a simple poster has been prepared which you may find useful. Print it off from the" Players" page.
Contact Updates

Any changes to team contacts will be made here. Please amend your records acordingly.
Team captains contact details can be found on the Contacts page of this website.

2024: Sundridge Park WMC: Captain Paul Martin 07976 506191 is the correct contact number

General Postings

The League's stance on matches in times of bad weather is if public transport, particularly the buses, are running then the match should go ahead. Under no circumstances should teams cancel the match without first speaking to their Divisional Secretary who will make the final decision. Any team that takes it upon themselves to cancel, will be treated as a "no show" and be penalized accordingly.

Any team that would like help with current playing rules, simply contact the League and an instruction evening will be set up at either your home venue or a suitable alternative. Here you will be shown the rules and can get advice off of the League Committee, some of which are EPA qualified referees.

Please include any notable performers or events when texting in results, so that they may be included in the weekly media release. It doesn't always just have to be a player who wins 3/3 etc. The report writer is not at your match so they depend on you for information.

Providing food at any SLKPA match/event is not a mandatory requirement. If food is supplied, then it is down to the hospitality of the hosts. It does so at the providers and consumers own risk

Result sheets may be submitted to the League in a number of ways.
i) In person at the committee meeting on the scheduled date.
ii) Via email and scanned over to
iii Via post to Steve Reed 3 Cannon Place, Charlton, London. SE7 8HD.
iv) Via photoext to 07973 769464

The League have 8 qualified referees at International Rules.
All D grade.
Paul Gafa'
Chris Parlett
Michael Barnes
Greg Fothergill
Louis Wilbourne
Paul Baker
John Skuza
Richard Marsh