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From 2016 onwards the League hold a SLKPA Masters competition.
A knock out competition for the top ranked players from the previous winter season.
Matches will consist of best of 9 frames with the final being best of 11.
The knock out will be seeded in order of the players final winter ranking.
The winner will receive the SLKPA Masters trophy for a year + an award to keep.

The inaugral 2016 Masters consisted of 8 players, whilst in 2017, 12 players competed.
In 2018, the 18 top ranked players including one each as the top ranked players from divisions 1 and 2 competed.

From 2018 the winners of the Masters has been offered a place in the National Champion of Champions event.

Players who fail to show, or withdrawal on the day (without a valid reason) may be barred from entering the Masters the following year.

Each year a list of possible entries and their current status will be displayed here.
The draw will be seeded with the higher ranked players getting the benefits over lower ranked players.
The draw is subject to change if players withdraw so it will posted here much closer to the date of the event to avoid misunderstanding.

2024 Masters will be at Eltham Terrace from 1pm Bank Holiday Monday 6th May.
Invites will shortly be sent out and start times assigned.

2024 Masters entries
Ranking Player Status Seeding Start time
1 Ryan Francis To invite 1 TBC
2 Tony Gear To invite 2 TBC
3 Del Power To invite 3 TBC
4 Danny Kelliher To invite 4 TBC
5 Nick Steadman To invite 5 TBC
6 Jamie White To invite 6 TBC
7 Steve Gibson To invite 7 TBC
8 Dean Passer To invite 8 TBC
9 Joe Kelly To invite 9 TBC
10 Dan Heinink To invite 10 TBC
11 Rahat Munim To invite 11 TBC
12 Luke Terry To invite 12 TBC
13 Dylan Suggars To invite 13 TBC
14 Jamie Davis To invite 14 TBC
15 Dan Foley To invite 15 TBC
16 Ashley Hewson To invite 16 TBC
17 1st Reserve George Taylor Not invited n/a n/a
18 2nd Reserve Geoff La'Porte Not invited n/a n/a
19 3rd Reserve Barry Barham Not invited n/a n/a
20 4th Reserve Sam Baker Not invited n/a n/a
21 5th Reserve Paul Gafa' Not invited n/a n/a
22 6th Reserve Pat Firth Not invited n/a n/a
23 7th Reserve Shane O'Reilly Not invited n/a n/a
24 8th Reserve Aklar Necati Not invited n/a n/a
Div 1 Phil Tworek To invite 17 TBC
Div 2 Dave Sparey To invite 18 TBC



Eno Idiong

Eltham Terrace

Eno Idiong Full draw

Ryan Francis

Eltham Terrace

Ryan Francis Full draw
2021 Covid-19 Pandemic No competition

Geoff La'Porte

Eltham Terrace

Geoff La'Porte Full draw

Tony Halpin

Eltham Terrace

Tony Halpin Full draw

Ryan Francis

Eltham Terrace

Ryan Francis Full draw

Dave Rawlinson

Eltham Terrace

Dave Rawlinson Full draw

Tony Halpin

Eltham Terrace

Tony Halpin Full draw