for "International Rules" across the counties


The concept of the idea is to enable more players/teams to play world rules whilst not committing to playing a full SLKPA season.

This hasn't been in operation for sometime and is subject to demand in order for it to run.

The entrance fee is £15 per team and will enable teams to play around 6-10 matches per season.
Matches will start at 8:30pm on Thursday evenings.
Teams will consist of a minimum of 3 players.
Matches will consist of 4 sets of 3 frames with a point awarded for each frame won. All 12 frames to be played.
The maximum amount of frames a single player can play in one match is 4, i.e. 1 in each set.
A minimum of 2 players would be needed to constitute a competitve match.
Players can swap between first and reserve teams on different match nights.
Players will not have to be registered to play in the reserve league of the SLKPA.
An annual single team trophy would be awarded to the winners.
There will be very few restrictions to encourage players to play.

Reserve League Rules

The benefits:
1) It will allow players to swap between existing teams in the SLKPA and their reserve team if they have too many players for one team, but not enough for two. With this in mind all players can guarantee getting some frames rather than just waiting to be picked for their 1st team. Captains can select a 1st team squad each match night with the remaining unpicked players available to play in the reserve league, as matches start later.
2) Teams that do not have enough players can play in the reserve league rather than just give up playing in the SLKPA altogether.
3) Teams who want to join the SLKPA but have missed the start or registration of a new season can learn world rules here before joining the SLKPA proper.
4) New teams who are undecided may just want to sample the SLKPA to see if it appeals.
5) Sometimes new players join a team, but need some experience before they engage in proper league pool. New players can be tried out as they do not need to register, providing a means for teams to trial players or use occassional players.
6) It allows new players to experience the SLKPA and learn world rules.
7) It will allow landlords of existing teams to have home matches most weeks if a reserve team is entered.
8) A great way to start a new team without any player restrictions, so that teams can bed their regulars in.