for "International Rules" across the counties


If you wish to get involved please contact the League.
Open to all registered SLKPA players and free to enter at present.

The concept is to encourage players to practice and improve with multiple players of all standards and abilities.

Anyone who plays in the League can join this practice group of players known as "Pool School".
A ceiling of 25 players may enter in a particular term. First come first served.
Anyone who wishes to join is added to the "Pool School" WhatsApp group. This group will be the focal point of all communication between players and the League itself.
Players of any standard are invited to join.
Pool School will run for 3 months at a time.
Any player that wants to practice at a specific date/time/venue should message via the WhatsApp group to advertise that they wish to play and are looking for someone to play.
All in Pool School can see that a player wishes to play. A second player can reply to the WhatsApp group if that someone wishes to play. The match should then be accepted by both parties.
The two players arrange the start date/time/venue and play a 2 set race to 5 frames match. The result will either be won, drawn or lost with the table costs split between the 2 players equally.
Within the 3 month period ("a term") the same 2 players can't play a Pool School match again. This encourages players to practice with players other than their regular practice partners, and will need to accept requests from players they haven't practiced with before in the same 3 month period.
Players can play as much or as little as they want, whenever they choose. No emphasis on players to play everyone in Pool School.
Results should be communicated via the WhatsApp group.
The WhatsApp group will be strictly monitored and shouldn't be used for remarks and jokes etc.
This page on the website will display all the details, including players involved and matches played.
The website will updated once a week usually on a Thursday morning, sometimes more often.
A league table will be displayed with the amount of matches played being the optimum factor, not results. As a tie breaker, results will be second, with most frames won the third factor. So the emphasis is on playing and not necessarily winning.
After 3 months, the players who aren't practicing at all or only very little, will be replaced from the bottom of the "School Report" upwards by those on the waiting list to join.
The Pool School No1 trophy will be awarded to the player who is top of the table. No cash prizes awarded other than free enrolment into the next 3 months of Pool School term.
Once the 3 month term is over everything is reset and Pool School begins again.

If more than the first 25 players wish to enter then these will be placed on the reserve list should someone drop out, or will be next in line to enter in the following term.

Beware there are two Gary Mason's. One plays for the Academicals the other for the Bears.
Please ensure you differentiate between the two when arranging matches or submitting results.

Current term commences 1st January 2024. Culminates 31st March 2024.

School report up to and including 21/02/24
Pos Term Jan - Mar 2024 W D L Fr F Fr A  Pld
1 Mark Simnett 1 3 2 39 43 6
2 Paul Gafa' 3 1 0 37 22 4
3 Ian Chapman 0 4 0 28 29 4
4 Paul Doherty 1 2 0 24 23 3
5 Trevor Biggs 1 1 1 23 22 3
6 John Ly 0 1 2 20 27 3
7 Alfie Southby 0 1 2 17 26 3
8 Luke Terry 2 0 0 20 6 2
9 Dave Jandu 1 1 0 17 15 2
10 Jade Holmes 0 0 2 3 20 2
11 Richard Chapman 1 0 0 10 2 1
12 Gary Mason (Bears) 0 1 0 8 7 1
13 Naf Ayieko 0 1 0 8 7 1
14 Jamie White 0 1 0 7 6 1
15 Louis Wilbourne 0 1 0 6 6 1
16 Gary Mason (Acads) 0 0 1 4 10 1
L Antony Su 0 0 0 0 0 0
L Jamie Davis 0 0 0 0 0 0
L Kevin England 0 0 0 0 0 0
L Liju Thomas 0 0 0 0 0 0
L Paul Baker 0 0 0 0 0 0
L Paul Cobbold 0 0 0 0 0 0
L Phoebe French 0 0 0 0 0 0

To use the school register grid, scroll down vertically to find the name then horizontally to find the initials of the player.
If the square is blank then no match between the two players has taken place.
If there is a score present then this match has been completed for this term. Blue squares are void.

School register
Naf Ayieko               8-7                              
Paul Baker                                              
Trevor Biggs                     4-10     10-7     9-5            
Ian Chapman                     7-7   9-7       6-9 6-6          
Richard Chapman                                 10-2            
Paul Cobbold                                              
Jamie Davis                                              
Paul Doherty                           10-7   7-8              
Kevin England                                              
Phoebe French                                              
Paul Gafa'                             10-4   10-7            
Jade Holmes                                 2-10     1-10      
Dave Jandu                                   10-6          
John Ly                                           6-7  
Gary Mason (Ac)                                              
Gary Mason (Br)                                              
Mark Simnett                                             6-6
Alfie Southby                                       5-10      
Antony Su                                              
Luke Terry                                              
Liju Thomas                                              
Jamie White                                              
Louis Wilbourne                                              

The Pool School Trophy is awarded to the player that plays the most matches per term.
The trophy was kindly donated by Ian Chapman, and the holder each term becomes the Pool School No1.

Pool School No1
YEAR Winter Spring Summer Autumn
2023 Alfie Southby Paul Gafa' Paul Gafa' Paul Gafa'
2022 Paul Gafa' Paul Gafa' Ian Chapman Paul Gafa'
2021 Covid               Paul Gafa' Louis Wilbourne
2020       Covid   Paul Gafa'