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From 2015 onwards, one person will be inducted annually, subject to suitable nominations and the result will be announced at the AGM each year. SLKPA members can be recognised for their achievements, service to the league or any remarkable or noteworthy action.

Each team can nominate one person per season and the League Committee will assess each nominee and elect one person per year into the Hall Of Fame at the AGM. Nominated players should have a disciplinary free record. Players cannot nominate themselves neither should they nominate their team mates. The inductee will receive the perennial Hall Of Fame plaque for a year as well as a personal award in addition to appearing on this hallowed page.

The captains will be given a form at the appropriate time for each team to deliberate who they should nominate, if they wish to nominate anyone at all. More details in depth can viewed on the nomination form. Additionally teams may nominate players via any usual communicational means and should always include a reason for the nomniation.
Team captains will be invited to nominate their team's choice via text once the nomination window has opened. Captains will be contacted by the League and offered the chance to nominate someone they feel worthy should they so wish.

When the annual nomination window opens:
Team captains please consult your team and advise your Divisional Secretary of your nomination and reasons behind it.
You can use the form below and submit or text/WhatsApp/email etc your choice.

Nomination Form

SLKPA Hall of Fame
2024 STEPHEN UNWIN Stephen Unwin

Longevity of playing within the League.

Hardly ever misses a match and has captained teams since the League's inception. Loyal to his team and enthusastic for the game. A likable fellow around the pool table.

2023 RICHARD MARSH Richard Marsh

Blog writing.

A popular player around the league who writes a weekly match report in a humourous fashion. The report encompasses both teams and he always has a good word to say about the opponents. Known for his friendship and sportsmanship. A gentleman of the SLKPA.

2022 JASON BRUNTON Jason Brunton

A character of the SLKPA.

Keen competitor who never misses a competition. Always backs himself and his own ability. Has his own style of pool and technique. Known for outrageous shots and even has a fluke shot named after him, "The Bruntonator". His name is always mentioned at SLKPA pool matches even when he's not present as soon as someone flukes a ball.

2021 JOHN SKUZA John Skuza

Promoting Ladies pool.

Instrumental in increasing the profile of womens pool within the SLKPA. Creator of the Ladies Singles League, as well as many other services he provides the League. Acting as a go between for the League and Bellegrove Social Club, the League's HQ.

Tony Bailey Sportsmanship.

A man addicted to the game of pool. He was an outstanding character and was respected by all that played with and against him. A humble man that never critisized anyone's game regardless of whether it's a team mate or an opponent. Always had time to help others to improve their game.
Tony Frost

Services to the League.

For managing the Interleague teams and knowledge in helping the League to accommodate new ideas and technology. A major component in encouraging players to play for the League, and within the SLKPA generally.


(presented by John Skuza)
Kerry Wyatt

Ambassador for Ladies pool.

A stalwart of the Ladies game within the League and beyond. A multiple winner of each of the Ladies and Mixed events that the League have to offer. Good sportsmanship shown and virtually never misses a league match or event. Has played in the League since it's inception in 2005.

2017 TONY HALPIN Tony Halpin

Achievements and sportsmanship.

Won every competition that the League runs. A gentlemen on the baize and good sportsmanship shown whether winning or losing, the same smile and positive handshake then follows. Always has advice to offer, and imparts his knowledge to the benefit of others.


Services to the League.

A founder member of the first League Committee. Has been the League Treasurer since the early origins of the SLKPA, and the go to man when a ruling is required. Despite suffering from a sight disability, this has not dampened his enthusasm to continue in his role.

PAUL GAFA' Paul Gafa'

Services to the League.

An original member of the League Committee. Took over the role as League Secretary from Alan Burrows, the founder, when the post became vacant to ensure the League survived in it's early years. Since then has moulded the SLKPA and helped grow it's reputation. The centre cog in the League's mechanism.