for "International Rules" across the counties


The SLKPA was formed in 2005, when a group a pool players from various teams got together and attempted to change the playing rules from an existing local league to World Rules to make matches more attacking. The local league rejected the proposal at an AGM opting to keep the old style EPA rules, leaving these players frustrated. Meanwhile, Alan Burrows who was one of these original radicals championing a change of rules, had already considered forming a league of his own, and met Lee Gregory a local publican, who was also thinking of getting a few teams together from the Bexley and Blackfen area to form a league. Together they formed the SLKPA, with Alan becoming the league organiser. As soon as he informed the other local pool players that a World Rules league was being set up, other teams signed up to play. In 2006 a small informal league committee was formed and the league has since grown in to what we know today.

Final league tables from past seasons