for "International Rules" across the counties


Paul Gafa' is the Knock Out Secretary.
All results should be texted in immediately after the tie by the winning players on 07443 456662.
Walkovers/forfeit results should be texted as won by default, not by the maximum score to nil please.
All player details will be lodged with the KO Secretary for contact purposes.
Entry to the Singles or Pairs is via payment of the entrance fee only to any League Committee member or via bank transfer to the League Account.
Payments via bank transfer on the day of the draw have now been outlawed. If you wish to enter on the day of the draw then payment will only be accepted in cash.

Account details available on request, once paid send text/email to notify the League of payment.

If you believe you have entered a competition and do not see your name listed here then contact the Knock Out Secretary immediately. Entry into the knock out will not be granted once the draw is made irrespective on whether you believe you have entered or not, however a refund will be possible if the League is at fault.

The earlier you register for the Singles or Pairs KO, the more chance you have of receiving a 1st round bye.
Byes, if required, are awarded in consequential order of registration.



List of 2024 Singles KO paid entrants, registration closes 29th August 2024.
1 Michael Humphrey 17 Martin Storey 33 Dylan Suggars 49 65  
2 Mark Simnett 18 Paul Slater 34 Chris Panayiotou 50 66  
3 Tony Halpin 19 Jamie Davis 35 Josh Henderson 51 67  
4 Mark Murphy 20 Paul Cobbold 36 Gregg Thomas 52 68  
5 Rachel Howard 21 Nick Steadman 37 Ben Wilders 53 69  
6 Peter Whyte 22 Tony Gear 38 54 70  
7 John Ly 23 Louis Wilbourne 39 55 71  
8 Sam Baker 24 Jamie White 40 56 72  
9 Luke Terry 25 John Harfield 41 57 73  
10 Rahat Munim 26 Geoff La'Porte 42 58 74  
11 Gary Smith 27 James McGuire 43 59 75  
12 Dean Passer 28 Ian Chapman 44 60 76  
13 Tommy Bowden 29 Angie Hobbs 45 61 77  
14 Lee Martin 30 Charlie Beaconsfield 46 62 78  
15 Paul Gafa' 31 Lee Suggars 47 63 79  
16 Chris Parlett 32 Steve Gibson 48   64   80  

Players will need to have completed 1/3 of all league frames possible to qualify = 14 frames (15 in Tier 3 Division).
Provisionally capped at 64 entries.

Once the draw has been made, anyone that withdraws will lose their registration fee £5. Their opponent will be awarded a walkover.

The final 64 players will play on 2 consecutive Thursdays at the end of the regular season, dates 5th and 12th September 2024 at Eltham Terrace.
On 5th September all the rounds down to the last 8 players will be played.
On 12th September Singles Finals Night will take place with the remaining 8 players playing to a finish.
Entry fee still £5.
Registration closes at 8pm on Thursday 29th August 2024.
First round byes given in order of registration, so the earlier you enter the more chance of a bye.
All matches best of 5 frames in rounds 1-3.
Matches start from 8pm. Start times will be allocated.
Players who fail to appear at a venue on time risk being docked penalty frames for each 10 minutes late.

Rules in full on this link.

Prize money: Champion TBA, Runner Up TBA.
Perennial trophy awarded to the winner.
Finals Night details above.



Results texted to 07443 456662 immediately the result is known.
Matches arranged by the competitors.
Best of 5 frames of Scotch pairs.

1st Round
Complete by Saturday 31st August 2024
Angie Hobbs & Reece Stewart BELL YA LATER vs Tommy Bowden & Lee Martin SUNDRIDGE PK POCKS
Adam Coppen & Jamie White Various vs Ian Chapman & Derek Power Various
Joe Hills & Paul Williams BELLEGROVE A vs Steve Gibson & Dylan Suggars RUGRATS
Rob Crashaw & James McGuire PLOUGH & HARROW vs Mark Simnett & Richard Smith ET RACK PACK
Paul Gafa' & Louis Wilbourne PICKWICK vs Kevin England & Ben Walsh HURRICANES REBORN
Sam Baker & Luke Terry NE NEW STARS vs Danny Kelliher & Joe Kelly HOTSHOTS
Paul Cobbold & Jamie Davis PICKWICK vs Dean Passer & Nick Steadman BELLEGROVE
Geoff La'Porte & Gary Smith SHARKS vs Josh Henderson & Lee Suggars NOLANS

List of entrants/results usually updated every Wednesday and immediately after each round.

Byes allocated in order of registration. Early entrants likelier to receive byes.

Capped at 32 entries.
Players need to be active/playing to qualify.

Pairs each round will be played roughly once a month from 5th July until Monday 23rd September 2024, with the Finals Night.

Matches are arranged between the competitors themselves between the set dates.
Pairs on the left are drawn at home, (or can choose venue) players on the right are drawn away.
Matches are best of 5 frames played to a scotch pairs format.
Winning pairs should text in the result immediately once it's known. Pairs who fail to text in the result promptly also risk being eliminated.

Entry fee £5 per player.
Pairs can only be made up from two players from the same team, or from two different teams.
Players need to be active within the current season in order to compete.
The Pairs competition format is posted below.
Rules in full on this link.

Prize money: Winners TBA, Runners Up TBA.
Perennial trophy awarded to the winners.

Current trophy holders

2023-24 Martin Donohoe Chairmans Cup Singles Winnner

Adam Coppen

Adam Coppen (Bellegrove) Trophy + £200
Beat Richard Chapman (Hotshots (£100) 5-2
Full draw

2023-24 Webmasters Trophy Pairs KO Winners

Adam Coppen & Jamie White

Adam Coppen & Jamie White (Various) Trophy + £160
Beat Del Power & Nick Steadman (Various (£80) 4-2
Full draw